Thursday, 19 June 2014

Truetube Voiceover Superstars

In April our year 8 students wrote produced some great pieces of work in response to the ‘Jesus Christ Superstar voiceover’ competition run by to write a voiceover script to accompany 3 clips retelling key aspects of the Easter story. We were really pleased to find out that one of our entries - written by Tom Hanigan and Dan Flynn - had been chosen as the winner for the resurrection section. As a consequence, they were invited to London to visit Truetube to record their work.
During our train journey it was difficult to tell if Dan was more excited (and nervous) about the visit or for tonight’s England match in the World Cup. It was definitely the football that dominated the conversation!

Once we arrived at the Truetube office, Tom volunteered to be first in the recording studio whilst Dan listened in through the headset in the next room.
Tom said "doing the first line was a bit nerve wracking but after that I got into it and the rest was fine. They let me read through it several times until we were happy with the result."
Next it was Dan's turn. "I needed to speak clearly and really emphasise certain words. It was strange listening back to my own voice afterwards." Both boys were recorded reading the full script which will then be edited and combined for the final voiceover along with the other two winning entries from St. Mary’s in Blackpool and Wycombe High School.
Both boys received a certificate and a framed copy of the DVD.
On the way home it was clear that the boys had really enjoyed the experience. Tom thought it was great just “being in London, seeing how a recording studio works and eating the millionaire shortbread at lunchtime."
We look forward to seeing the final product. Many thanks to and to our student teacher Miss Searle whose teaching led to the boys creating such a thoughtful response.

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